Sports Massage.

Sports Massage can:
Enhance body awareness.
Identify problem areas before they develop into injuries.
Remove trigger points formed as a result of injury.
Relax and return muscles to their natural resting length.
Improve range of motion.
Restore suppleness and elasticity.
Relieve pain and stress.
Free muscle adhesions/soften scar tissue caused by injury or overuse.
Improve circulation.
Flush out toxins that cause muscle stiffness and soreness.
Relax the body and mind.
Speed recovery and healing from exertion.

Sports Massage techniques may differ as you have different needs at different times.

Pre-Event: A Sports Massage will be an adjunct to your warm-up, to increase your circulation and flexibility, and leave your muscles resilient and ready to go.

Post-Event: Sports Massage will increase your circulation to speed the removal of fatigue toxins, relieve your muscle spasms and prevent soreness.

Fine-tuning: A Sports Massage will locate the areas of biomechanical stress in your muscles and relieve them, before they become problems, enabling you to train harder and more consistently.

Injury Rehabilitation: A Sports Massage will speed your healing, increase range of motion and reduce scar tissue to allow the muscle to expand/contract normally.

There is no reason to carry soreness and stiffness from your last session or game into the next training session, race or game. By taking measures to speed your recovery following exertion you can reach a higher-level next workout. Sports Massage provides an ingredient for that complete recovery.

Biofeedback: To help identify muscle weakness and imbalance.

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