Weight Lifting/Bodybuilding.

Total body stress. Excessive abdominal exercises can lead to imbalances in the psoas. Back problems may occur. Strains occur when improper technique is used or lifting too much too soon. One side is often weaker than the other, which is reinforced with the lifting. It is necessary to work all areas to build balance as injuries are usually due to imbalances in the agonist/antagonist groups.

As a weight lifter/ bodybuilder you need a form of massage specifically designed for athletes. Adding sports massage to your workout routine can improve your performance. As the training hours pile up, so do the aches and pains. These little aches and pains can turn into a serious injury. Regular sports massage will help alleviate pain.

After a strenuous workout, sports massage will aid your recovery.

You can benefit from half an hour of work on a specific area that you feel needs attention or longer for more general and maintenance work.

Weightlifters/bodybuilders around the world rely on massage as an important part of their training regimen. Sports Massage techniques, when used regularly, can increase the blood flow that is needed for recovery. Also, it will improve the range of motion and strength of injured muscles and accelerate their healing process.

With a full recovery you will be able to increase your workouts and allow your body to adapt to a higher level of stress.

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